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The biggest service of the house call is the elimination of stress for your pet. Complete physical examinations can be done in the animals own environment. All routine wellness procedures as well as some invasive things like drawing blood for labs and heartworm tests can be done on the home-visit.

  • vaccines
  • heartworm tests
  • lamness checks
  • skin examinations and sampling
  • fecal parasite checks
  • anal gland expression
  • dental exams
  • ear exams
  • minor sedation procedures

I have been in general and emergency veterinary practice for 19 years. If you have a seriously injured or sick pet I usually will know when I take a history from you over the phone and I can get you to a quality local hospital for care. I will always do what's best for the pet and work within the limitations of the mobile practice.

Mobile Veterinary Service
Pamela A. Clary, DVM
St. Louis, MO 63108

E-mail: info@mobile-veterinary-service.net

We Make House Calls in the Greater St. Louis Area.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
Emergencies on a Case-By-Case Basis


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